UX Designer
2 Months

Project Summary

Matteo is a high-end bedding and lifestyle company based in Los Angeles, California. Having been highly successful for decades, they are planning to expand with new collections and wanted their website reconsidered. I was asked to reimagine their website and overall user experience.

How can we improve the shopping experience on Matteo's website?


Matteo has been in business since the ’90s and has a strong customer base and a high standing in professional markets. The fact that they are well established is a huge advantage and can be harnessed through thoughtful web design.

My Process


Through a range of user and stakeholder research (interviews, analysis, personas, user journeys) I developed an understanding of how their core customer interacts with the brand. A key takeaway was that Matteo has an extremely loyal customer base, but they need to increase their conversion rate for potential customers who do not already have a relationship with the brand.

"It looks like they only have cold colors, it's not for me."

- Potential Customer (32)

Pain Points

High Cognitive Load

Multiple paths with limited explanations take you to the same products. All product photography is disparate, making it difficult to compare items or group items together subconsciously. Text is not formatted to be easily scanned.

Lacking Visual Identity

Matteo has a strong brand, it’s just not being harnessed through a developed visual identity on the website.

Missing Emotional Appeal

The text on the site is practical, the imagery is informative. It lacks media that will get the user excited about their products.


Restructuring the sitemap allows users to find their way simply and eliminates confusion. Their previous site focused on minimizing the number of clicks to reach any product, but Matteo’s customers are eager to learn more about the different products and are not trying to check out in a matter of seconds. So to facilitate an exciting experience of exploring their product range, I created a clearer structure and a system that would guide potential customers through the product range.


Wireframing enabled me to quickly explore structures and concepts for increased customer engagement, sequencing of emotional appeal, and calls to action

The Solution

While this project was underway, Matteo unfortunately replaced its entire leadership team. By the time a new team was onboarded, there was no willingness to continue the project, and the work was never implemented.

However, the strategic planning for the new website was done and I had a plan to create a light and enjoyable shopping experience that would allow the customer to get excited to engage with Matteo’s products.

Harnessing Emotion

Adding expression to the brands online presence.

Enjoyable Exploration

Instead of being overcome with decision fatigue, the customer is guided through the product range in an enjoyable fashion, making it fun to explore their products!

Visual Identity

A developed visual profile with stunning typography, photography, and structure strengthens the impression of the brand and their products.

Highlighting Reputation

Simple design implementations make use of the companies existing reputation as one of the most exclusive bedding companies in the United States.

My Thoughts

Working with an established boutique brand like Matteo was exciting because my skillset as a UX Designer really allowed me to harness their strength as a brand when rethinking their presence online, while still having flexibility to push boundaries. Unfortunately, Matteo never experienced the impact that great UX can have on a brand and their revenue, but hopefully we will have an opportunity to pick up the collaboration some time in the future!

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