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Project Summary

Frigidaire sells a range of smart appliances intended to be controlled from anywhere, on your smart device. The Frigidaire app used to control these devices has a rating of 1.5 stars on the App Store. Many reviewers complain about poor functionality and express frustration surrounding the app, and subsequently the brand as a whole. I wanted to envision an improved brand experience by enhancing the functionality of the app.

How can we increase customer satisfaction for Frigidaire customers?


With over 650 reviews on the app store (of which almost 80% are one star), the access to user feedback is significant. As an unsolicited case study, I expected I could uncover pain points through analysing the vast amount of customer feedback.

My Process


When users experience issues with the app, they are prevented from using their appliances. The negative emotional response results in an overall negative attitude towards the appliance and brand.

Design for when things go wrong.

I’d Give It Zero Stars If I Could


I purchased the AC unit because of the option to connect remotely through my phone. The concept in and of itself is a great idea. Execution of the app on the other hand is beneath contempt and is more aggravating than it is an asset.

Zack’s Review, 06/22/2018

The app gives no explanation for how to correct issues when they arise. Including instructions and steps to solve issues as they arise would reduce the need for customer support.

Reduce the need for customer support.

Horrible App


(….) When you try to call the number for service, they are never available. They need to fix it. The whole point in purchasing this Air Conditioner was that it was WiFi enabled (….)Worst app I’ve ever had.

VTSChicago’s Review, 06/26/2019

User Journey & Pain Points

Tracking the user journey from purchase to use allowed me to uncover a range of pain points.

Log In

After downloading the app, the user must create an account, with no option for using a third party login, the process is slow and tedious adding unnecessary steps to accessing the app.


For most visual elements, the scale and contrast offers poor accessibility. The formatting is off and navigation elements like return arrows or settings symbols interfere with system symbols, rendering the navigation impossible at times.

Set Temp / Speed / Mode

There is no easy way to make more than minor changes to settings. To increase or decrease the temperature you must click on a small arrow symbol for each degree – a fifteen degree change would hence take 15 frustrating clicks.

Add Appliances

After adding an appliance there is no easy option to add other devices, which could help promote other appliances, drive desirability and promote sales.

Updating Connectivity

There is nowhere in the app to update WiFi settings. When given a WiFi error, users must completely remove the appliance and start from scratch – though they are never explained how to solve the problem.

The Solution

Immediately providing the solution to solve a problem reduces the need for customer support calls, as well as reducing user frustration.

Larger symbols and buttons improves accessibility.

Adding on/off buttons on the home screen reduces clicks.

Adding + for “add appliance” helps drive product discovery.

Scroll wheel reduces clicks needed for making adjustments.

Large symbols improves accessibility.

Listing options instead of using arrow navigation reduces confusion.

My Thoughts

There is still considerable potential for continued improvements to the existing app. However, I uncovered a few crucial pain points and solved those issues in order to improve customer satisfaction and eliminate negative emotional responses. These adjustments would result in greater customer satisfaction and a reduced toll on customer support lines.

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